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The Fetus is Acting Up Again

I’m trying to figure out how to predict when the waves of nasea will crash over me, but I go from fine and dandy to hurling in about five minutes. (Fortunately, I have been able to predict the vom enough ahead of time to make arrangements for its deposit in appropriate recepticals.)

Here is what I have discovered:

Ginger ale doesn’t help.

Saltines don’t help.

Pretzels don’t help.

A glass of milk before bed seems to help.

A handful of almonds any time seems to help.

Once I’m feeling a little bit sick, the thought of chewing almonds makes me really sick.


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Breaking the News, and Introducing Baby Daddy

Told the grandparents on my side of the family, Baby Daddy told the grandparents on his side. My mother didn’t believe me until my sister insisted as well; his mother cried.

My mother insists that she knows it’s a girl, citing the fact that she knew she was having girls as proof. I reminded her that she didn’t know that I was prego and that I am the one carrying the child. (I’m still wondering about twins.)

Baby Daddy spent Friday night here. Went to an Irish restaurant downtown to humor his new “all starch warrior diet” (“We can have bangers and mash!” he says. And regarding his shephard’s pie: “I don’t need all this meat. More potatoes!”)

I’m more confident every time I talk to him that he is going to be a great dad. A scenario that he said went through his head today as he showered: “I could stop the drain, fill up the bathtub halfway, and let the baby sit in the tub, and you know, splash around and stuff. And then you’d come home and yell at me that I was going to drown the baby.” Nope, Baby Daddy, no yelling. That is exactly the sort of stuff that babies need.

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The Beginning

Stomach bug or morning sickness?  There is a bug going around at work, but I’m not throwing up.  I”m just burping vom into my mouth every few hours.

Six a.m. this morning:  pee in a cup, use eye dropper to transfer pee from cup to stick.  Watch line appear, indicating that I’m prego.  Wait for line to disappear.  Take picture of test.  Wait some more for line to disappear.  Leave for work, prego.  Come home from work.  Look at picture again.  Probably still prego.

Flashback to last night, heading into the dollar store to buy a few pee sticks, with my sister: 

Future Mommy:  But what if we see someone we know!

Future Auntie:  Then we’ll abort the mission!

Just a little prenancy humor there.

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