The Beginning

Stomach bug or morning sickness?  There is a bug going around at work, but I’m not throwing up.  I”m just burping vom into my mouth every few hours.

Six a.m. this morning:  pee in a cup, use eye dropper to transfer pee from cup to stick.  Watch line appear, indicating that I’m prego.  Wait for line to disappear.  Take picture of test.  Wait some more for line to disappear.  Leave for work, prego.  Come home from work.  Look at picture again.  Probably still prego.

Flashback to last night, heading into the dollar store to buy a few pee sticks, with my sister: 

Future Mommy:  But what if we see someone we know!

Future Auntie:  Then we’ll abort the mission!

Just a little prenancy humor there.


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