A Letter to Family and Friends Who Kept Michael Busy Last Week

Dear dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for entertaining, cuddling, loving, and tolerating my son last week while we were in town for the holidays.  He, too, thanks you.  To show you our gratitude, I will now let Michael tell you how you, too, can feel a little less down when the excitement of the holidays begins to wear off. 

One Year Old Antics:  A How-To; by Michael

  • Take books off bookshelf.  Use books to boost yourself onto bookshelf.  Laugh when Mom tells you sternly to stop.  Cry when she removes you from shelf and puts away the books you’ve painstakingly removed.  Repeat.
  • Empty recycling bin onto floor.  Cry when Mom removes the aluminum cans with sharp edges and glass jars because folded up cardboard boxes are no fun. 
  • Find half full glass of water.  Dump it out.  Cry when Mom doesn’t let you splash in your new puddle.
  • Find new teething toy.  Cry when Mom insists that her arm and/or hand cannot be your new teething toy.
  • Attempt to climb Christmas tree.  Cry when branches spring up and hit you in the face.  Wait until Mom is busy.  Repeat.
  • Try to climb into toilet and/or bathtub.  Cry when Mom shuts the bathroom door.  Next time you make it in, try to shut the door on her.
  • And lastly, don’t settle for sleeping in your own crib.  Better yet, don’t settle down for sleeping at all!

Best wishes for the holidays!  We can’t wait until all of you have children.


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